Jan 3, Update

Why oh why did they use so much caulking. We sepent hours scraping and grinding and spraying on paint removers to try to soften up all the stuff. Rolled up the siding to fix and straighten up the flooring. The flooring was put down using 1/2 plywood, a nice sanded type too, however, they didn't square up the front so it made the back out of square. Of course we already squared up the front, now just to square up the back and we can seal her up again.


You can also see that the flooring was sticking out way past the side framing. this had to be cut of and squared up. We had to do the same to the front left corner of the trailer as well, it was way out of square. All the caulking was overkill on this little baby because there was plenty of butyl tape applied before these moldings were tightened down.  Now we need to scrape all of that off as well and get a new roll.  But, we expected that.

Now that is a much better fit! A little bit of grinding to straighten things up and we are about ready to strip all this molding and put it back on. First we need to address all the little holes covered by tape all over the darn thing.  I guess they thought tape would be a good fix, however it did nothing but cause us a headache. It wasn’t just taped, but a coating of roof patch was laid under all the tape, that stuff is a mess to try to get off.

That ugly spot right there is where they had put some of the roof patch and covered with a 4 inch wide tape. It was crazy trying to get that tape off, why they did this we don’t know. They taped up every seam.

Then  there  are  all  these  holes.  Holes  where  they  just  decided  to  poke  some  type  of  sharp  instrument  in  the  siding  to  make  way  for a  wire  or  something.

This is what it looked like inside when we had the back sheet of siding rolled up. Well, things are coming along, let’s just say, slowly, but steady wins the race correct? After much discussion we have decided to just gut the old gal, remove all the windows, and mouldings, get rid of all of the caulking that goes on forever and ever and put her back together.  We will be putting on a new coat of paint and probably painting the inside white. 

So, you can see a bit of the inside here. They did do a good job of insulating with 2″ foam board. However, they sprayed expanding foam into every nook and cranny they found, again overkill, like the caulking.  A lot of the expanding foam cause more harm than good. It spread out siding in places it didn’t need to be pushed out, made things move out of square, made the door severely out of being level so much that it rubbed on the bottom and had a 2 inch gap at the top. Thankfully we were able to straighten that out after we scraped out a majority of the spray foam.  That stuff is good when used properly, but you can’t spray endlessly into cracks and crevices because that stuff travels and will push out anything loose or improperly fitted.

What every woman needs to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

What every woman needs to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

Pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant?? What you need to know about FOLATE and FOLIC ACID

Things you should know! First of all I am not a Doctor nor do I proclaim to be providing any medical advice.  What I am going to explain is purely information I have found while using GOOGLE. I highly suggest that you look it up for yourself and do your own research into FOLATE or it’s synthetically produced counterpart FOLIC ACID.  FOLATE, is purely Vitamin B9, and a very important nutrient needed in our diets, especially pregnant or wanting to be pregnant women.  Vitamin B9 is found in leafy greens, broccoli, and dried legumes such as beans and lentils.  This key nutrient is used by our body to make DNA and other genetic material, produce new cells, and support nervous and immune system functions.  DID YOU SEE THAT? Make DNA?? so that is why this is so important during pregnancy?  I don’t know, but makes sense to me.

However, do your research and always ask your doctor, practitioner or midwife before taking any supplements or dietary nutrition.


Why you wouldn’t choose FOLIC ACID

Folic acid is the synthetically derived vitamin from the whole food form of FOLATE.  FOLIC ACID is not natural and does not naturally exist in nature.  Like I mentioned previously FOLATE is Vitamin B9, remember that.  Research has determined that synthetics, like FOLIC ACID, can be metabolized in the liver.  However overtime the liver cannot synthesize FOLIC ACID, especially in high concentrations.  This obviously can cause stress on our liver, right?  Are you still with me here?

Pregnant women or looking to become pregnant are always advised to increase their intake of naturally-occurring FOLATE by consuming more dark leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, dried legumes and lentils.  Another way is by taking the synthetic FOLIC ACID.

Here’s an easy way to get good, food sourced FOLATE

You can juice or eat a lot of leafy greens as well as eat a lot of dried legumes and lentils.  Or may I make a suggestion here?  Did you know that Young Living has a couple of products that already contain FOLATE and are infused with essential oils and packed with other great vitamins and other good for you stuff?  Look at the ingredient list of Young Livings Balance Complete:


This would be a great addition to anyone’s daily healthy nutrition regimen, I mean look at all that great stuff in there!  The taste is great too, because I think it tastes like vanilla cake mix, or raw cookie dough flavor.  And did you notice that FOLATE is listed at 33%, you can’t beat that right?  Oh but you can, and look at Young Living’s Super B product!


There you go, 100% of the DV of  FOLATE right there along with a whole butt load of other good for you stuff!  There, I finally posted this.  I’ve been mulling it around for quite a while and felt it was time to finally get the info out there.

and if you want to look it up for yourself, which you should for your own peace of mind, here is a link because ya’ know, like I said I am not a Doctor.  Another good thing to point out is that we ALL need to become informed, knowledge is wonderful! here is another good link from the Mayo Clinic.

Quit relying on everyone else to give their opinion on things, even Doctors only know what they know, and what they don’t know might be helpful for you and worth finding out.  In the past I have heard of one doctor saying one thing and another saying the opposite, so you know what?  Do some research.  I hope this helped you out!

If you want to purchase your Young Living products so you can get your FOLATE naturally, please reach out to me so I can be of help.  Here’s my email: or if you just want to head on over and place an order you can go to my link here , however I’d really like to make a suggestion to become a member so you can get the wholesale price, there’s no cost to join.  I can help you with that, and get you on our Essential Rewards program called ER so you can get your Balance Complete and Super B coming every month.  We all know when you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant you can get busy and very overwhelmed with life, so our ER program is a perfect way to make sure you get your FOLATE while you need it.  You can cancel it at any time, but, here’s a little secret…………while you are on the ER program you will be earning reward points so you can get free product!  Yep you read that right, FREE PRODUCT every month!

Let me show you how you can end up with with one or both of these GIFT BUNDLES for free!

To find out more about the Young Living SEEDLINGS line for babies and infants you can click this link

Young Living is proud to be the leader of essential oil infused products.  With the “SEED TO SEAL GUARANTEE” you can rest assured these products are free from dirty, nasty toxins.  Start your baby out right by choosing natural, plant based and toxic free products that you’ll enjoy as well!

As they grow, there is an entire line of products just for kids called Kidscents!  I will post soon about the Seedlings and Kidscents products so you can learn more.

Hi, this is Rosalie and if you don’t know me, I’ve been married over 35 years, raised my kids and now enjoying my grand children.  I love God, the Creator,  and started my healthy journey several years ago because I wanted to live my life and take control of my health and healing naturally, God’s way.

I’m an advocate for healing the body through, prayer, trust in God, upright good living, good wholesome food and proper nutrition.  Boosting the immune system and ridding your home of nasty toxins is a HUGE key to a healthy lifestyle.  I believe living God’s way, living healthier and eating the proper foods and practicing good nutrition is all you need to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy body, as well as having that balanced mind and emotions we all need in this chaotic world we live in.  Having a strong spiritual connection with God the Creator as my guide has opened up an entire study of what it means to keep our temple(aka our BODY) clean.

I’ve done a lot of study about living God’s way and what it means to take care of our temple(our body).  Weather you have just started, been going at it for a long time or maybe on the fence and don’t know how to start clean living, I am here to help and guide you through your journey.

Health and Wellness Coach – Certified with The Integrative Wellness Academy in 2015

Aromatherapist –  Certified with New York Institute of Aromatic Studies









Italian dinner decor

Planning a spaghetti dinner? Here is what I did for an Italian dinner. Under is a red/white check basket liner from Party City. It’s in the summer decor. Empty cans of tomato sauce were repurposed as a pot to hold fresh basil, parsley, oregano and rosemary. The room smells herbaceous! Added a few sunflowers for color. I collected empty and full olive oil and balsamic vinegar to set out with them. Didn’t take much time our money for this theme. I’ll re-plant all the herbs in my garden after the dinner is over.

FACEBOOK is causing me to have nightmares!

FACEBOOK is causing me to have nightmares!

This is all meant to be funny, but, in reality I have had some repeated nightmares lately and I have to be frank; I blame FACEBOOK!  You know all those posts about the good old days.  Pictures of Ward and June Cleaver sitting around the table with a meme saying “remember when you used to eat what you were served?” 8 track tapes, rotary phones and old black and white televisions.  Yes, those things are giving me nightmares.

Take the 8 track tape for instance, you remember, those things getting stuck inside the player.  Your very favorite music group getting stuck inside the player only to be driving down the road and pull it out only to see the endless crumpled yards of tape coming out, oh the horror.  Put on the brakes!  It’s got to be saved, yes that old Tammy Wynette tape singing D-I-V-O-R-C-E must be saved.  Gently now, gently, pull out the remaining tape ever so gently only to find that it has and end that’s torn and tattered.  Oh my heart, now it’s broken, the tears are falling and maybe just maybe you can save it, fix it or at least try. My goodness that thing cost you $2, by all means tape it together, glue it or whatever it takes, but, fix it for sure.  It cost you darn near an hours worth of work.

Yes I have that dream.  My favorite 8-track tape getting ate up in the player.  In my dream I pull it out and the tape is never ending, it just keeps coming out and coming out until I am suffocated in a pile of that dreaded tape media.  It has filled my entire car from floor to ceiling and I can hardly breath, it’s around my neck, I can’t see, I can’t breath, and then I wake up.  Sometimes I have the same type of dream involving a cassette tape and player, but hose could be fixed.  How many of you ever took them apart by removing the tiny screws and literally taping them back together and winding them back up? Con’t tell me you never did that.

Then there is that old TV post coming up all the time and they ask you who had to get up and turn the TV channels for their parents?  Hey that was a real thing, it was serious.  I always dreaded being the kid who had to be the TV channel changer.  WOW, we only had 13 numbers, but only 3 or 4 of them actually worked if the weather was good and you had a fancy tall antennae on your roof.  We never had one of those on the roof.  We had aluminum foil or an old wire hanger, and yep I was a good channel conductor I guess because I often had to hold the wire or the foil to get better reception.  I don’t miss that, they used to play the National Anthem at midnight then all you got was the snow and awful white noise, or maybe a buzz and a row of color blocks.

But, here’s my nightmare; my dad asks me to change the channel and I get up and turn it and the knob breaks off on a click that does not have any reception, OH THE HORROR! Do I turn around and show him what I’ve done? Do I run and hide under the bed leaving the knob lying on the floor?  No, must get tape, yes tape fixes everything. Hey I fixed my 8-track and cassettes with tape right? Well, tape doesn’t work, I start to cry and the nightmare is over. It’s a nightmare just wondering if I ever got it fixed, LOL These are things my kids will not have the joy experiencing, what a shame.

Then there is the ROTARY PHONE nightmare!  Oh, the rotary phone, the party line and the kind voice of an operator.  I remember playing with the phone when I was little and accidentally, well not really accidentally, but accidentally on purpose dialing the operator.  Hey there was a really nice lady who answered on the other end.  Way back before caller ID wasn’t it fun to call people and hang up, or say funny things like “is your refrigerator running?”  Then telling the person “they better go catch it!” But, my nightmare, yes, this is my nightmare.  Now you may not know what a party line is so let me explain.  If you could afford it you could have what they called a private line.  This meant you could pick up the phone whenever you wanted and make a call, no problem. However, most people didn’t have the money or didn’t want to spend the extra to do that so you might have a party line with maybe 3-4 people sharing the same line.  You might pick up the phone and hear your neighbor talking.  Or when you are talking you just might hear the faintest click and that would indicate possibly your neighbor had picked up the phone while you were using it. I remember if you held your finger on the clicker and only let it come partway up you could listen and hear them faintly talking and they didn’t know, ha, ha, ha.  Now don’t tell me you never did that?

So, to get back to my nightmare I have a party line and I am constantly listening with the clicker half open. I hear the neighbors talking and I write it all down.  I take the information and write a book about everyone in the neighborhood, but, I don’t use the real names.  The horrible part is that they all know it’s about them and they all know that I wrote the book and they come after me.  They chase me in the dark, it always has to be dark when you get chased in a dream right? Oh, and it’s cold, I’m barefooted and they are chasing me with bats and rope because they want to tie me up and burn me.  Now that is horrible.  My heart is literally beating out of my chest, I am out of breath and I have even woke up unable to breath or move, and I’m cold and crying! Oh, the nerve of those neighbors! I never see the faces and they don’t say anything, however the fear is real and I just know they are going to tie me to a stake and start me on fire.  I can be really dramatic I guess. But, the fear I feel when I wake up is so real. I’ve never got caught in the dream, but they get close enough that I can feel them reaching out and touching me.  Barely grabbing at my clothes, yet they aren’t close enough to actually catch me.  Writing this makes me laugh out loud right now, I am literally cracking up at myself. Seriously!

So please, can I just ask you all to stop posting those pictures of the good old days.  Not really, I enjoy them and the memories they bring to mind.  My nightmares? Well I don’t know why I have them, I guess they could be worse.  I could be getting chased by a mummy or a vampire. I could be the last one alive in an episode of the Walking Dead.  Maybe you could do me a favor and post pictures of cute fuzzy animals. No, on second thought maybe not.  My next nightmare would probably be about cute animals chasing me and gnawing me to death or something. Maybe post cooking videos! Yes, nice cooking videos. Well, as long as I don’t have a nightmare about getting my hand caught in a mixer or accidentally in the blender, no, on second thought not cooking videos either.

Last but not least I want to post a picture of a man named Rod Sterling. Rod had this voice, if you heard it you would know it was him. He had this show called the Twilight Zone which was not necessarily scary, however, it was always bizarre and in a scary way if that makes sense. Anyway, this show was something I did not like to watch in the dark. It always came on at night, and it was usually late when things are quiet and you can hear the squeak or crack of an old house shifting with the wind or with the changing of the weather. Windows were loose and would rattle in the wind, branches would make shadows of people trying to scratch their way into your house. And your own shadow would always be lurking in the hallway, ready to jump out and scare you when you went to bed. Yes, I loved Rod’s voice, it would send chills down my spine and make the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand up. I would get goose bumps walking to my room with my eyes closed and feeling the walls to find my way. Yes, and I would always have a nightmare after watching those old black and whites. I really thought those nightmares would cause my death, but that was over 40 years ago and I survived. I often watch them now on some of the old movie channels and I laugh at myself remembering how scared I used to get.  Here’s to you Rod and your very scary voice.  Oh yes, they used to show people on TV smoking.  It was kind of cool and I guess considered sexy too!

This scares me to talk about, it’s really hard

This scares me to talk about, it’s really hard

I want to be open and raw here.  I’ve not really been me for quite some time.  I’ve been trying to do this and that and the other, everything EVERYBODY else has been doing and saying.  trying to replicate this, replicate that, and it’s slowly been killing me, the real me.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I’ve paid for classes, read books, sat through countless hours of training and I just don’t feel like anything has clicked.  Why, Why? Have I just not found what feels good for me, what feels natural, does that even exist?  Maybe nothing out there is my thing, maybe I need to find my own thing, find what works for me.  What worked for me in the past before I started looking to gurus and paying for instructors to tell me do this and this in these steps and this will happen?

I get so frustrated when I read about the latest success and how it was achieved and then I do the same thing and nothing happens, nothing!  what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like her or him or this one over there? I am wasting my time, spinning my wheels trying to figure that out.  All I can do is try I guess, NEVER trying will NEVER get results that’s for sure.  So what was the struggle with my latest endeavor you might ask?  Well, it was so out of my comfort zone, I struggled like a mouse trying to get the cheese to the end of a maze for a free piece of cheese.  I wanted the result, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do what I needed to do, I couldn’t go through the maze.

The thing is I need to write some emails, I needed to write them in a way that made people feel like crap, like their lives were crap and going to just continue to keep getting crappier unless they contacted me and got some help.  Help with what you might ask, well help with depression, exhaustion, insomnia, headaches, bad health, unexplained weight gain and even problems keeping relationships at home and at work, kids out of control, marriages headed for divorce, emotional imbalances and more.  It was part of my job to convince people that all of this was just going to continue to get worse, maybe they’d lose their job or end up in divorce.  That was the hard part.

I wasn’t comfortable telling people their lives were crappy and horrible.  I had a really hard time trying to tell them that things were just going to get worse not better.  I am the type of person who likes to candy coat everything.  I like to look on the bright side of things; even when there really isn’t a bright side.  I’m always the one to encourage, the one who is looking and trying to find something good in everything and now you want me to tell people they are living a horrible life and it’s probably going to get worse if they don’t change? I found it really hard to write things that really spoke the truth.  Their lives are crappy, they are not going to get better, not unless they make some changes.  They are going to continue having trouble on the job, they may lose their job.  They are going to continue to have problems in their family and often in the marriage or other relationships and it’s possible they may end up in a divorce.

What if I could tell you that this is all a side effect of TOXICITY?  Toxins in our food, in the air, in personal body products, in the environment, even toxic relationships.  Call me crazy, but a toxic relationship can stress us out and did you know that same stress can often result in sickness and disease? When our body is stressed our body naturally wants to help out and if we are overly stressed or become stressed too often or for longer period of times our body’s natural defense to help us out of that stress actually backfires.  It works so hard on that stress that it can’t help other parts of our body, it can’t keep up, it has to let something else go in order to try to keep up with our stress level.  when something else goes, guess what?  We get sick, our immune system becomes weak, we start to get depressed or fatigued, we suffer from insomnia.  Not getting enough sleep causes other problems, it’s an ongoing cycle.

See what I mean; this is serious, I don’t know how to wake people up to the fact that if this is already sounding like your life and you are saying this is me, right now, I have insomnia, I’m sick, I am frustrated and depressed, I can’t handle things like I used to, I feel like anxiety is controlling my life, what is wrong with me?  It’s a real fact folks, I hear this more and more from people. I do have answers and I do know what is causing a lot of this.  It’s call TOXIC poisoning.  Toxins are lurking in places you would really be surprised to find.  We are poisoning ourselves pretty much every time we light up a candle, every time we buy our favorite perfume, when we spray our homes with all those favorite smells we like, plug in those fragrance outlets, spray that can of mountain fresh air or Hawaiian breezes.  One of the number one toxins in our homes and work places come from artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances are some of the most harmful chemicals ever!

Artificial fragrances can be attributed to headaches, migraines, inflammations, respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances which result in infertility, emotional issues, depression, inability to cope, anxiety and more.  There is so much more out there that is harming people wreaking havoc on our health and people are just buying into all of it and getting sick. The only ones who profit from this are the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies; makers of more TOXIC chemicals I might add.

So, I have made it my job to try to bring awareness about all of this to people.  How do I best do this? I don’t know.  I took the class that instructed me to send out emails and try to make people feel like crap and I was the one who felt like crap. It was a horrible winter I might add, long, grey, and cold. I would literally stare out the window and find myself just blank, and feeling depressed. Depressed because I did not feel l have been doing a very good job to get my message out there. To get people to notice and to pay attention.

I post about how well I feel and how healthy I have been since I kicked all those TOXINS out of my home and away from my family. I talk about how I have managed to pretty much live TOXIC free in my home and how I have ditched TOXINS for more natural plant based products.  I talk about my DIY and how i make most of my beauty products like shampoo, facial products and more.  I posted about a new line of TOXIC free mineral makeup I started using last summer and how most of the make up sold over the counter is so highly toxic.  I’ve written plenty about TOXINS, where they hide out and what they do to us.

I post about it on my blog whenever I can.  I have a Facebook page and a Secret Group where I share all the things I discover about TOXIC CHEMICALS.  I talk about it on Instagram, Google+ and in person and I still don’t think people are listening.  I really have got to the point where I think no one is really listening and I don’t know how to get them to listen.  What is really disheartening is that I feel like I talk a lot about TOXINS and making healthier choices a lot.  Then I see a friend post something about not realizing how they need to get TOXINS out of their life and they are on the next fad of a pink drink, a meal replacement or a new exercise regimen guaranteed to help them lose the weight forever. I want to just scream, what am I doing wrong, have you not been reading my post, do you not see me, hey there, yes you haven’t you been listening? I don’t know what more to do?? HH–EEE—LL—PPP !! Trying to make people feel bad about their lives just isn’t natural for me, yet I want to help open up peoples eyes to all the harmful things out there and how simple it is to avoid them or get rid of them.  If you knew a better way to do something wouldn’t you want to tell everyone?  I know of so many simple ways live better, and healthier and I am sad that I really feel like no one is listening, no one takes this stuff seriously.  Don’t you want to know?  I sure did, I found out and now I want to let everyone else know about it too.  What do you suggest is the best way to get what’s on my heart out there so people will listen?

Like I said, trying to send out emails full of scare tactics is not me, it scare me to even write them.  I start shaking and get all sweaty and I can’t seem to even make my fingers type the words.  What can I do, I need suggestions, I need help. Like I said, I’m scared to write those emails and send them out.  This is really hard for me to talk about, I hate admitting I’m scared.  I want to share what I know about TOXINS, I want to help people, I know how it is to be so full of TOXICITY that I was sick.  I know how it is to experience fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. I used to live in a sea of toxins, I used to be really sick all the time.  Now I’m happy to say I have not seen a doctor or been sick in over 6 years, I’m medication free and feel the best that I ever have. I want to share all of this, I just don’t know how. I don’t want another guru to tell me what to do. I want some people who are really experiencing effects of TOXINS to start asking me how I did it.  I want people who feel like crap asking me for help, I want to help them to feel better, I want to walk them through it, I want to see them feeling better not crappier. But, I don’t know what to do, I’m scared, I don’t know where to start, how to do it or what type of approach is really going to hit peoples hearts. I really need some feedback on this I really do.

Chinese Noodle Soup with Sliced Leeks

Chinese Noodle Soup with Sliced Leeks

Chinese Noodle Soup


6 cups broth, can be beef, chicken or vegetable

2 – 3 servings dried Chinese egg noodles

2  eggs

1/4 medium onion, chopped

1 leek stalk

4 cloves garlic

thumb size ginger piece

1/2 cup chopped cooked beef, shrimp or chicken if desired

salt and pepper to taste


To prepare broth wrap ginger and garlic in cheese cloth and drop into pot, add sliced onion and salt and pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil, then simmer while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Boil water and prepare chinese noodles as per instructions, drain and set aside. Boil two eggs, peel and slice in half, chop meat if desired, set aside. Take the leek stalk and cut off the leafy top, cut into thin strips lengthwise, set aside. Take the larger bottom section of the leek and slice at an angle, place immediately into simmering soup and remove cheese cloth containing ginger and garlic, you can toss it now.

Place noodles in bowl, add meat if desired and half an egg, ladle hot broth over the bowl, sprinkle a few of the leek strips over the top.  Salt and pepper to taste.  This is an easy and quick recipe.  You can used left over meat from a previous meal to add in, I don’t like wasting food.  this is something I might make after I’ve cooked a chicken or had steak the night before and just couldn’t eat it all.  Or you know that time you cook almost all the shrimp however, there are a few left in the freezer?  Grab them and throw them in delicious soup.

Charred Broccolini with Grapes & Cashews

Charred Broccolini with Grapes & Cashews

I must admit this is not an original recipe, however, I did change it up a bit to my liking.  I think you will like it.  The original recipe came from People Magazine and a feature from Executive Chef GREG Proechel of New York’s Ferris restaurant.  I will asterisk the items I added.




What is Young Living

What is Young Living

Besides being the leader and forefather of growing, harvesting and distilling essential oils, this company also provides oil-infused products for your personal care, to keep you healthy and fit and for the home.


To begin they have the widest selection of pure essential oils and blends. Essential oils can be used aromatically several ways. When used aromatically, essential oils can purify, deodorize and freshen the air or provide a spiritual uplift. This can be achieved by rubbing 2-3 drops between the palms and inhaling deeply several times.  Adding a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of hot water and covering your head with a towel can also be a good way to breathe in oils deeply and slowly. Using your favorite diffuser in your home, car or office can be another great way to use the oils aromatically.

You can get a diffuser and an essential oils starter kit by going here now

Many oils are safe and very beneficial to use directly on the skin.  This application is what we refer to as NEAT.  You can place 2-3 drops of essential oil directly on the desired area and massage in using the Vita Flex Points, Reflexology Points on the hands, feet, ears or spine or directly to the area itself. Repeat as desired and always follow label directions for dilution instructions.

Young Living has a specific line of essential oils under the Vitality label that are approved for ingestion. Be careful when taking oils internally and always do your research first.  Internal consumption can be achieved in various ways.  Several drops inside a vegetable cap, 1-2 drops into a glass of water, juice or NingXia Red, in yogurt, honey or in milk. You can also add a few drops of oil to meals when cooking.  Always read individual product labels for usage directions.  Unless an essential oil is labeled for consumption, NEVER INTERNALLY CONSUME.


You can keep your family and home clean and protected with naturally derived products that are perfect for everyday use. The home care products feature the ingredients you want, without all the stuff you don’t. Our best selling home product is the Thieves line. Thieves Laundry Soap, Dishwashing Powder, and liquid Dish Soap.  Thieves can keep you clean with the Bar Soap or Foaming Hand Soap.  You can keep healthy teeth and gums with our Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Dental Floss and Mints.  Keep your fruits and veggies clean with the Fruit and Veggie Soak.  You can also help to remain healthy with the Thieves Cough Drops, throat Lozenges or Thieves Spray.





For those who are healthy and fit conscious you can rest assured we have you covered with our nutritional supplements. A full line up of nutritional supplements, meal replacement, weight loss program and more.  Tasty treats full of options that your whole family will love. All the supplements are infused with our essential oils



Cleanse, nourish, moisturize, and more with formulas free from harmful, damaging chemicals.  Everything of course is oil-infused.  Rest assured you can use all the personal products without worrying about toxic ingredients.  All of the products are naturally plant based and toxic-free!

Here are just a few of the ways you can ditch and switch to non-toxic products for your family and pets.







The Seedlings line specifically for your tender infants.  Safe and toxic-free debuted in the summer of 2017. Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, Wash & Shampoo, Wipes, Baby Oil and Spray.



There is a complete skin care and mineral makeup line available to you, oil infused and toxic-free.  Safe for all skin types.


For your children we have a complete line of oil-infused products such as lotion, shampoo, bath gel, toothpaste and more.


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Young Living Foundation

Young Living Foundation

I am amazed at how much the D. Gary Young – Young Living Foundation does across the world.  I want to take a moment to talk about this part of the company I represent because helping people is so near and dear to my heart.  All administrative fees for any of the projects operating through the foundation comes directly from the Young Living Corporate monies.  All donations to the foundation go directly towards the project designated.

FUN FACT: As a Young Living member you can request to work on any of the current projects they have going.  All ages and any skill level is appreciated.  There is always something that a pair of helping hands can offer to the less fortunate.  Contact the Young Living Headquarters in Lehi Utah if you would like more information about going on one of the philanthropy trips with the foundation.

The foundation was founded in 2009 and has since focused on unlocking possibilities by providing tools and resources to those whose needs receive far too little.  It is the mission and vision of the foundation to provide long-term solutions to many parts of the world. They are committed to empower individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to undeserved communities.

Imagine a world where children are provided with the resources and opportunities necessary to become confident, self-reliant leaders who can take control of their families, and change their communities in a positive way.  This is happening folks, it is made possible by the foundation and here are some of the project partners.

NEPAL – A Nation in Desperate Need

In 2015, two major earthquakes in Nepal claimed nearly 9,000 lives and destroyed more than 900,000 homes, tragically leaving millions without a roof over their heads. After visiting Nepal in January 2016, Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young became overwhelmed with the devastation that still exists in a nation that is slowly recovering. Many victims are still struggling to survive as sub-zero temperatures and heavy rains render their makeshift shelters painfully inadequate.

112 Homes and Two Schools

After seeing and experiencing the desperate need for homes to be rebuilt, Gary and the Young Living Foundation immediately put a plan into action. In Yarsa, a mountain village completely destroyed by the earthquakes, the foundation is rebuilding 112 homes and two schools. In addition to rebuilding the primary school, we will also build the first-ever high school in the village so students will no longer have to walk two hours each way to go to a secondary school.

Empowering a Village, Strengthening a Community

To help us accomplish this and supply more than 50 jobs to unemployed locals, we’ve set up a brick-making plant in the area. Not only will the brick-making plant supply jobs to locals who are currently unemployed, it will also make use of an over-abundant local resource: mud. Gary has been spearheading the project and has traveled to Nepal multiple times to guide the construction efforts. We have also hired local construction workers and engineers and are using local equipment and materials where possible. More information can be seen here

THE YOUNG LIVING ACADEMY in Chongon, Gauyaquil, Ecuador

While living in Ecuador to discover and cultivate natural essential oils indigenous to the area, Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young noticed several children entering a run-down building in the small, rural town of Chongon. He passed the building nearly every day on the road to the Young Living Farm outside of Guayaquil. One day, he decided to take a look for himself. Inside he saw 42 first- through sixth-grade students crammed into one tiny room, forced to share limited supplies and sitting at broken tables while their volunteer teacher gave lessons on a damaged chalkboard.

Gary and his wife have a passion to serve so I am not surprised they took on a project to build a school and educate these children. Young Living Co-founder and CEO Mary Young wasted no time and went to work to give the children of Chongon the best schooling possible. It started with building a new, advanced school from the ground up. In 2009 the Young Living Academy opened its doors to 83 students. Word got out quickly and more students with dreams to succeed pleaded to join the academy. There was no way we could turn them away.

The Young Living Academy soon took in 100 students, then 150, then 200. It continues to grow and expand and now educates nearly 340 students in grades K–12. I sponsor a child out of my monthly “THANK YOU” check I receive from Young Living.  anyone can sponsor a child by contacting the Young Living Foundation.

They are continually adding space to the school in order to accommodate the increased number of children needing a good education. As a member you can request to be added to a work group that goes to the location in order to help build or remodel as needed. You can find out more here


The mission here is to end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation.

With more than 20 million slaves in the world—more than half of which are women and girls—human trafficking is one of the most devastating social issues of our time.

Hope for Justice uses the following four-tiered strategy to bring freedom to the least, the last, and the lost. In fact, more than 90 percent of victims who go through Hope for Justice’s restorative programs never return to trafficking—that’s the highest percentage among nonprofits battling modern-day slavery.

You can find out more about this project here


Enter Sole Hope. What started as an effort to remove jiggers has evolved into a holistic approach that provides medical care, relief, education, and jobs for people in Uganda. Through various initiatives and programs, Sole Hope uses real-world solutions to benefit as many people as possible.  The foundation provides clinics, durable shoes and education about jiggers to the people here.  They also provide ongoing support and an outreach house. Sole Hope offers hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. One of the organization’s primary focuses is to help children and adults become and remain jigger free.

What are jiggers?

Jiggers are sand fleas that burrow into hands and feet. Once embedded, the female jigger lays eggs and creates egg sacks up to the size of a pea and continues to multiply by laying more eggs. Found in sub-Saharan climates, these parasitic insects lie relatively undetected on the dirt floors of homes and schools in Uganda. Children in Uganda are particularly vulnerable as they often play barefoot in the dirt.





The wounds can become so irritating and excruciating that normal childhood activities—such as walking, running, playing, and even attending school—can be significantly limited.  If you are interested in helping there is a pattern available which you can use to cur denim out of old used jeans.  If you are lucky enough to know how to sew and have a machine, feel free to sew up a few pair. You can host a shoe cutting party if you’d like.  Find out more about what you can do to help here



African Hearts operates a rescue program for children living in the Kisenyi slum.  This slum is considered the largest in Uganda and one of the biggest in all of the African Continent. The meals program has expanded from 3 to 5 days per week. Prior to this the children scavenged the trash heaps looking for food. The conditions here are not even something we as privileged Americans can imagine in a worst case scenario. Remember, your donations are so important and 100 percent of every dollar donated will help our partner African Hearts feed and educate children living on the streets in the Kisenyi slum in Kampala, Uganda.


STREET CHILDREN – Spread the word about street children and give them a voice by using the social media graphics below. To donate you can click here now


A person dies every 60 seconds from malaria in Africa. A majority of those deaths are children under the age of five. It’s a disease that far exceeds the death toll of HIV/AIDS. Since 2011, Healing Faith Uganda has been a champion in the fight against malaria in Eastern Uganda and we were thrilled to partner with them in 2015.

Healing Faith Uganda provides malaria education, prevention, and treatment to families and children. They focus on the smaller, more remote villages where families have limited access to aid and children are more susceptible to malaria.

With funds raised at the Young Living 2015 International Grand Convention, The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation was able to purchase over 4,000 mosquito nets for Healing Faith Uganda. The foundation and several members went on a humanitarian trip to Uganda to deliver the donation, and they were able to hang a net over every bed throughout the village of Wasaki!

In 2016, the foundation has helped Healing Faith increase its impact by 1,000 percent! They’ve gone from hanging 400 nets in a month to more than 4,000 a month thanks to the generous contributions of our donors.

Through Healing Faith Uganda, a single donation of just $5 provides a mosquito net that can protect three to four children from malaria.

To donate now you can go here


2017 brought about huge hurricanes in the gulf.  The Young Living Foundation has two ongoing disaster relief funds going for both Houston, Texas and the island of Puerto Rico.  If you would like to donate you can do so here

Balkan, Taiwan, Dubai and Oman Farms

Balkan, Taiwan, Dubai and Oman Farms

BALKAN BOTANICAL FARM located in Manolovo, Bulgaria, this is one of our carefully selected partner farms.

Located in Bulgaria, one of the most valued rose-growing regions in the world, the Balkan Botanical Farm specializes in roses and has expanded its essential oil farm offerings to include Roman chamomile and valerian as part of its partnership with Young Living. The Balkan Botanical Farm builds upon the deep history and worldwide recognition of botanical farming in the region. This region specializes in cultivating superior roses. I use Rose oil on my face every morning in my DIY face serum.  I have noticed age spots beginning to fade and fine lines and wrinkles beginning to disappear.

Oils from this farm: Roman Chamomile essential oil, Valerian essential oil, Rose essential oil

Fun Fact: The Balkan Botanical Farm is also involved in promoting local cultural events, regional festivals, and educational opportunities for workers and their families.

TAIWAN COOPERATIVE FARM located in Taitung, Taiwan is a cooperative farm which is actually made up of smaller individual farm operations that each focus on different oils.

Like each unique operation, each oil has its own story and background that include its preservation, generational history and family significance, and the ingenuity and innovation necessary to create it. Oils from this farm are Jade Lemon, Hong Kuai, Xiang Mao and Camphor Wood.  Jade lemon is another one of my favorites.  It has a sweet citrusy scent which is so emotionally inspiring.

MAYDI FRANKINCENSE DISTILLERY located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is the farm where we get our Frankincense resin. The trees are actually scarred and will produce a sap like resin that is then harvested and used to distill the essential oil.  

This region has long revered frankincense for its luxurious fragrance and properties. The esteemed benefits of the frankincense tree are now available to homes around the world, and Young Living’s longstanding partnership has played an integral role in the process of making Frankincense oil more accessible. Frankincense is very earthy and has a grounding effect when inhaled, applied or diffused.  Frankincense can also support the respiratory system when needed.  There are so many great uses for Frankincense I couldn’t even begin to list them all here. In this location there is a distillery set up.

ARABIAN FRANKINCENSE DISTILLERY located in Muscat, Oman is where the Sacred Frankincense essential oil.

The limestone cliffs of Oman’s Dhofar Mountains provide the perfect environment for the frankincense tree to grow, and Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to distill and export Omani Sacred Frankincense oil and bring it into the Western world. The Boswellia sacra trees in this region carry a rich history, having been harvested for the past 5,000 years. Today, their resin is harvested by the same method and on the same schedule as their ancestors, so they continue this centuries-old story.

It is the Sacred Frankincense that is distilled here. The same process that was used in Biblical times is still used today. If you ask what the difference is between the two frankincense oils, personally I like Frankincense as I feel it has a more earthy fragrance and I lean towards the earthy smelling oils a lot more.  The Sacred Frankincense has a slightly softer, somewhat sweet smell to it.  As far as how they work, I couldn’t say one is better over another for me.  If I am out of one and I feel the need for some Frankincense I will use what I have on hand.