Olive Garden

Sorry to disappoint you, but, in my opinion, if you are trying to eat healthy this is one of the worst places to eat.  Is the food delicious, well, I can’t say no to that, I used to love this place.  But, since eating healthier, my taste buds have changed and now I don’t feel the same about it’s taste.

Why do I say this is not a place that should be frequented by a healthy eater? The meals are VERY high in sodium,(click here for a link to the sodium content in their meals) they are full of carbs, rich sauces, pasta and bread.  Read it carefully too, because, they list some items and then list the sauce separately.  In some case you will need to add the sodium content of the sauce to the plate item.  Even the salad is high in sodium, the soups very high as well.  So it’s a fail in my eyes.

As a matter of fact I have been to Italy and they do not eat food like what is served at Olive Garden and most other chain so called Italian Restaurants in the U.S.  Italians eat a lot of seafood and other meats, anti-pasta, and vegetables.

I am not saying you cannot go to Olive Garden, you can choose to go where ever you want, that’s your prerogative.

I will just leave you with this article about Olive Garden  and he also has a video here

I will however be sharing many places that are much better choices if you must go out to eat.   Some, but not all are Cheesecake Factory, Panda Express, P.F. Changs, Red Lobster and more……………..