Anti-oxidant Salad

Anti-Oxidant Salad

This is a great salad filled with tons of good stuff

Spinach – Lutein for eye health

Tomatoes – Lycopene for good heart health

Cucumber – Fisetin is good for brain health

Avocado – Vitamin E is great healthy skin

Red Grapes – Resveritrol helps to fight cancer

Walnuts – Omega 3’s help with inflammation

Feta Cheese – B12 is a great immune booster

Olive Oil – Polyphenols are good at fighting cancer

Vinegar – pro-biotics for good digestion

Pepper – piperine helps you to absorb nutrients

Make a big bowl full of the above fruits, veggies, walnuts and cheese, pour over some olive oil and vinegar and sprinkle a bit of pepper to taste.  YUM!  You’re welcome!