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I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Insomnia, brain fog, infertility, exhaustion, moodiness, easily stressed and unable to handle those stressful situations? Kids out of control, problems in school, poor grades and more?  If this sounds like you then keep on reading my friend, men, women and children are full of TOXINS these days causing sickness and disease.  Is your life horrible and are you ready for a change for the better, lord knows it can’t get any worse right?  

TOXINS in our home, at the workplace, in the environment, our food, they are everywhere lurking in the most subtle way and in the most sneakiest and unknown places. Yes, what I am about to tell you may be shockingRead More

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You can live TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC WORLD

I seem to think to think so, at least I do my best to find out how I can. Little by little like peeling and onion I dig deep and find TOXINS lurking around where I never thought they would be.  Little by little I am getting rid of things I find that contain TOXINS from food all the way down to my underwear. Yep, I found out my undies were killing me!  Fabric laden with petro chemicals next to my lady garden all day,Read More

Essential oils saved my marriage

You know why I say that?  Because I was mentally and hormonally unbalanced.  I was having symptoms of menopause and very hard to live with.  In other words I was a :beach:  and I didn’t come with sand and sunsets. It was quite the opposite with hot flashes, anger, moodiness and tears.

Truthfully I had some essential oils in my bathroom cabinet and they were just purely purchased to scent my bath water.  The thought of a few drops of oil doing anything for my health or wellness sounded like VOODOO to me, LOL I was the biggest skepticRead More

You can experience a chemical free home

How about some helpful natural chemical free cleaning tips?  To live a clean and natural life isn’t as hard as you may think it is. I’ll be sharing great tips for living life as naturally as possible in a fake and processed world. Living TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world is the goal.  It really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, just get there. You can take baby steps, I can help you on the fast track because I have already made all kinds of mistakes and found out there are a lot of scams out there.

I started withRead More

Food is my medicine, eat right for the health of it

It’s not hard, I can show you how right here, with easy healthy recipes, healthy alternatives to TOXIC choices in the world and answers to see of those questions as to why you don’t feel good, why you are sick and fatigued all the time, why your emotions are out of whack and more. How would you like to take a journey with me and together we can cook, I promise they are easy and quick!  One pan meals, crock pot cooking and more.  I cook organic when it’s possible, cook from my garden and share natural, quick and easy cooking tips.  Did you know cooking at home is REALLY cheaper than going out??  It also ensures you remain free from TOXIC food additives. Part of living TOXIC FREE in a TOXIC world.

Let’s have some fun and get to know one another!

DIY projects,  or learning how to make things out of ordinary items you probably already have at home?  I gotcha’ covered.  I love DIY projects, recycling, upcycling, using things I already have and simple crafts and gifts.

I’d like to know what kind of hobbies you have tooRead More

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